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10 March 2018

The Striking Difference Between Ubuntu Linux and Deepin

Written by Muhamad Ridho Bahri Okay Back again with me ridho bahri in this article I will discuss about

"The Striking Difference Between Ubuntu Linux and Deepin !!"

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Brief discussion
what is it "The Striking Difference Between Ubuntu Linux with Deepin !!"

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Ubuntu is one of the Linux distributions based on Debian and has a desktop interface. The Ubuntu project is sponsored by Canonical Ltd (a company owned by Mark Shuttleworth). The name Ubuntu is derived from the name of an ideological concept in South Africa.

Deepin (in style like deepin, formerly known as Linux Deepin and Hiweed Linux) is a popular Chinese Linux distribution based on Debian.Their focus is to be an easy-to-use Linux desktop distribution.In 2017, it is the most popular Chinese Linux distribution according to DistroWatch.

The Distinct Difference Between Ubuntu Linux and Deepin

Deepin is made by Chinese people but not inferior to other linux because linux deepin has a very cool look. so users will feel more comfortable with the display computer deepin

Speaking about software, deepin is very different from other linux. deepin has its own Software Store that is Deepin Store. there are many applications that support deepin, allowing my friend to mengisntall many software

One of the other advantages of deepin is that they also provide / facilitate users to play games on linux deepin, because not many of the other linux that support for games.

More Support On Hardware / Hardware, talk about hardware on linux is a lot of support on the hardware but still there are problems / problems on the hardware on other linux. linux deepin is designed to support it all without any exceptions.

The Last is a matter of Security and Problems on Linux Deepin, linux deepin equipped with the default software that is Deepin Repair. if there is a problem in the Linux operating system Deepin, they will automatically fix the problem and do not have to worry too much with problems that often occur on all linux ie group error, and others.

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