20 Juni 2018

Let's See Hp Sharp Aquos SH-01F!

Sharp's electronics products are apparently no longer in production in his country to follow the path. Some time ago, they released their first Android phone in Indonesia, SHARP Aquos Crystal. As the name suggests, the phone is indeed adopting SHARP Aquos television screen technology.

Not only that, Sharp Aquos Zeta SH-01F phone is also designed with a unique body and others than others.

The unique advantages of this smartphone is the price is very cheap and tilted in Indonesia we can get this smartphone with only Rp. Just 500 Thousand

Believe it or not this hp is cheap because it is no longer produced in the country so that electronic goods that are no longer production is discarded then sold in Indonesia.

not just thrown away in the country. This hp is resold to get a profit for out of nowhere the seller gets this.

I will briefly review about this phone / smartphone
Sharp Aquos Zeta SH-01F!

Roughly like this Full Specification of Smartphone Sharp Aquos SH-01F!
It is true! Leaning prices, we get many features!

Muhamad Ridho Bahri

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