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06 July 2018

Blender 2.70 - Keyboard Shortcut in Blender 3D!

Keyboard Shortcut 3DBlender

Written by Muhamad Ridho Bahri
June 24, 2018 at 00:25 AM GMT +7 Jakarta time

Quoted from Wikipedia Blender is an open source software of 3D computer graphics. The software is used to create animated movies, visual effects, 3D print models, interactive 3D applications and video games. Blender has several features including 3D modeling, texturing, bitmap image editing, repetition, fluid and smoke simulation, particle simulation, animation, video editor, digital sculptor, and rendering.

Explanation of what is "Keyboard Shortcut"

Shortcuts or key combinations on the keyboard provide quick access to certain functions in computer programs.

"Here are some practical keyboard shortcuts for basic navigation"

Keyboard shortcuts are key combinations that, when pressed simultaneously, perform several tasks that typically require the use of a mouse or other input device and may take longer to do so. In Windows 7 for example pressing Control-Alt-Delete will bring up task manager utility for application and monitoring as well as system control. Other popular keyboard shortcuts include Control-C (Copy), Control-P (print), Control-V (Paste), Control-X (cut), and Control-Z (undo).

at this time I discuss about keyboard shortcuts on Blender software.

The main function in using the Keyboard Shortcut in Blender is to facilitate the user or user blender in running Blender software.

I Summarize, Refine and Create A Keyboard Shortcut in Image Shape Image (.png) file to make it easier for Blender users to run Blender software.

You Can Download Image Files with Full HD Full Size

Click here to Download

Or you can see / download the image below

* To Enlarge the image please right click on the image and select> Open Image in New Tab

[Image Keyboard Shortcut.png]
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